With project managers who know what they are talking about, we draw up a functional bill of material with you. When all components for the task are received, we can start the services. UV laser for flexboards, cut poliamids and masks. Repair of printed circuit boards is also possible. We also offer CNC drilling / milling for PCBs, FR4, carbon fiber etc. Standard and Kelvin measurement (4-point measurement) to test the quality of PCBs in a non-destructive way. The PCBs are also baked under vacuum for the purpose of out-gassing.

UV Laser

Is perfect for kapton stencils, lasering flexen, cleaning from soldermask covered pads on pcb’s, lasering from all kind of thin poliamides. Cutting from Cu tracks and texting.

With 40 micron laser beam and a very stable granite table the accuracy needed is there.

Kapton stencils

With our own UV laser we are able to manufacture quick poliamide stencils. One of the examples is in frames from LPKF. There are off course numerous possibility’s .

Pcb production





Cleaning & inspection

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