Pcb production

Printed Circuit Boards

We work with high-tech pcb partners, who are specialized in high-tech boards and with complicated buildups (stackups).

To meet the necessary requirements, we work with the latest technologies:
– Laser Direct Imaging for the highest accuracy.
– AOI tested inner and outer layers.
– Vacuüm pressing to prevent voids .
– Standard matrix code on the PCBs with an inktjet from Orbotech facilitates traceability.
– Electrical testing against netlist.

We have our own pcb production facility in Central Europe and can therefore guarantee a fast delivery of pcb’s.

SQP International s.r.o.

Speed & Quality        guaranteed

  • Own production in Vlkanova Slovakia
  • Fast delivery of pcb’s up to 12 layers
  • Lowest standard track/spacing 75 microns
  • Epoxy filled and Cu capped plated via’s
  • Controlled impedance
  • Standard 5 days delivery
  • Good price-quality ratio
Pcb production





Cleaning & inspection

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