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Short History

S & Q Europe BV has more than 30 years of experience in the pcb world.
On the first of October,1985, Jeroen Charmant started together with Klingelnberg-Klauss BV a testcentre. He successfully developed this testing facility for electrical testing and CNC drilling / routing services in the years that followed.
An expansion with AOI from Visionetics for bareboards followed in a later stage. During this time the name of the company changed to Klingelberg-Klauss Electronics BV (KKE).

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Providing services in Slovakia

In 1995 we started to provide services in Slovakia to a.o. ZVT Print s.r.o.. This was followed by a rapid build-up of the company. At the moment it has become a reliable and well-equipped west European pcb producer.

From 1994 to 2004, KKE had a test centre in Berlin.

Between 2000 and 2005, KKE was part of the Mania Group.

The start of S&Q

Due to the rapid changes in the market, we started expanding the service centre in the Netherlands in 2013 and KKE BV, Speed ​​& Quality Prototypes BV and Wayout Printservice BV. were merged. This was the start of S & Q Europe BV.

As of December 1st, 2017, we have taken over the model shop from Q.P.I Group BV.

In 2019 we moved the sales force to the new building next door.

In June 2021 the assembly of PCBs were moved to our new climate controlled assembly room.


In order to keep delivering the best service, we continue to invest.

2016: – Brushing Line from Pola e Massa – Building for the rout department – X-ray inspection machine

2017:  – A building for the soldermask – Investments for the chemical department –  Orbotech LDI – Scoring machine from LHMT – Phenom SEM with material analysis – Vacuum Vapour phase from Rehm –  Clean rooms for LDI and UV-Laser – Taking over the modelshop from Q.P.I. Group BV

2018: – Relational database infrastructure with NAV Dynamics – Fluxshooter from Interflux – Cleaning Line for populated pcb’s from Riebesam – Spray coater – Stripping and etching Line – Two new Schmoll drilling machines – Pick & Place machine IINEO plus – Vacuüm stove from Memmert – Stove for big boards from Memmert – Extending the workforce with 6 new team members

2019: – Complete renewal of the routing department with new routing machines from Lenz. – Extending the Iineo – Repairstation from Ersa – Renewal old Vapour phase with a new Asscon – Investmentt got epoxy filled and Cu capped via’s

2020: –  Bofoto Plasma micro etch and cleaning –

2021: ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 – New automated Schmoll drilling Machine

2022: New production line for “black” oxide – Main maintenance Buildings –

2023: developing a new automatic galvano line and logistic preparation

New investment for a 3D Saki AOI

Investment in flow cabins and expanding the laboratory with bonding devices 

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In order to be able to deliver “your one stop pcb service centre”, we offer you a wide range of services:

PCB’s, PCBA’s, electrical testing with or without Kelvin, AOI, independant measurements, laboratory, UV laser, CNC drilling/routing, repair or patch work, hand or CNC assembly and chemically washing.

High quality

Fast turnaround

Great service

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