Cleaning & inspection

Quality assurance

In order to be able to guarantee the best possible quality, chemical cleaning of the printed circuit boards is an option. Cleaning minimizes the CAF (Conductive Anodic Filament) and is needed when the pcb(a) is treated with conformal coating. Chemical cleaning takes place before wire bonding and ensures a reliable operation of the boards.
The pcb´s last production step is the optical inspection. On request, the boards can also be AOI (SAKI) inspected before the final optical inspection.

Chemical washing

On request we wash the pcbs with our Riebesam washing machine.
Technical advantages are that it reduces CAF and dissolves the flux and other filaments. This makes AOI more consistent, adhesion of conformal coating or wire bonding can be done better and the quality of the pcba is optimal and guarantees a long reliable operation.


Automatic Optical Inspection for larger series can be done by our SAKI AOI. Missing components, thombstoning and wrong soldering can be detected.

X-ray Inspection

We use this inspection to check for shorts and sufficiënt solder.

Optical Measurement

To be able to check the dimensions of highly accurate pcb’s, we use our Advanced Controls measuring table with Heidenhain Quadra Chek (R) software. This is an optical measurement and is not suitable for hole dimensions. We use calibers for this purpose.

Special Electrical end test

Here an example electrical test link. Testing a flex rigid inclusive connectors and logic. Complete functionality test. Fully own design and produced.

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Cleaning & inspection

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