Solder possibility’s

We solder by hand ,vapour phase and selective. Fluxing is done by a laser-measured fluxshooter, that shoots drops of 0,2 – 0,3mm.

Selective soldering

Selective soldering for the pth’s is done under nitrogene to minimize oxidation. We programme the fluxing in such a way that the small drops of flux are shot exactly where we want them to be, which is as deeply as possible into the pth’s.
We therefore utilise the maximum efficiency of flux use and flow, to be able to solder selectively even thick PCBs.

Vapour phase

We have not only the standard vapour phase at our disposal, but also a bigger vacuum vapour phase. We work down to under 10 mbar vacuum and an area of 650 x 650 mm. On the ‘laboratory’ page you can view the difference between ‘with and without’ vacuum vapour phase. Almost NO voids are left when soldering under vacuum!

Pcb production





Cleaning & inspection

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