We decided to invest in our own laboratory because we wanted to locate and analyse problems. This service is open to all our customers. It is always good to know and to be able to see what the cause of a problem is. This service uses, among other things, microsection, X-ray to SEM and X-ray microanalysis.

Keyence VK-X100K serie

With our Keyence 3D scanning microscope we are able to :
– surface texture measurement according ISO 25178
– particle analyses
– measurement analyses
Resolution is in nano meter. Magnification: 100x to 16000 in high density. Linear scale resolution is 5nm.


X-ray and BGA inspection tool

With a matrix code high magnification not only X-ray pictures can be taken, but an optical inspection of the BGA balls can be obtained.


Phenom XL, SEM and X-ray microanalyses

We are able to analyze different kind of alloys. Analysis as big as 100mm x 100mm samples, or more microsections in the same sample holder. On the picture below you can see an example of a microsection in the SEM of a multilayer with a soldered chip.

X-ray from LGA repair

From left to right the pictures show an example of a repaired LGA, in the middle with low vacuüm and on the right with high vacuüm. You can clearly see the vacuüm effect on the voids of the LGA pads.

Pcb production





Cleaning & inspection

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