We draw up a functional bill of material in cooperation with you and our professional project managers. When all components for the task have been received, we can start the services. We use UV laser for flexboards, cut polyimids and masks. Repair of printed circuit boards is also possible. We also offer CNC drilling / milling for pcb’s, FR4, carbon fiber etc. Standard and Kelvin measurement (4-point measurement) to test the quality of pcb’s in a non-destructive way. The pcb’s are backed under vacuüm for the purpose of out-gassing.

UV Laser

This laser is perfect for  flex lasering, cleaning pads on pcb’s that are covered with soldermask, lasering all kinds of thin polyimids and cutting Cu tracks and texting.

With a laser beam of 40 microns and a very stable granite table we can guarantee the required accuracy.

Kapton stencils

With our UV laser we are able to quickly manufacture polyimide stencils. For example in a frame of LPKF. There are numerous possibilities.


We have two stoves for backing out the flexrigid and rigid bare board pcb’s. This process takes place in the vacuüm stove that we have invested in specifically to keep oxidation to a minimum and to accelerate the process of outgassing. The second stove is for big pcb,s.

CNC drilling/routing

With these machines we can quickly make our own tools for pressfit, moldings for flex and flexrigid, repair PCBs and routing panels FR4, Teflon, Pmma etc.

Electrical test

To test the quality of bare board pcb’s in a non-destructive way, we use a probe tester with four-point measurement (Kelvin). We have the possibility to test down to micro Ohms.

Pcb production





Cleaning & inspection

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